[Osmf-talk] "ArcGIS supports Openstreetmap"

Milo van der Linden milo at dogodigi.net
Sun Sep 12 12:47:10 UTC 2010

ESRI's "gesture" towards OpenStreetMap and OSGeo (the umbrella organisation
for Free and Open Source Software for GIS and Geo-ICT) is a little confusing
but also a (small) step towards a broader audience.

The GIS market is dominated by ESRI and a lot of the folks using ESRI have
been skeptic towards OpenStreetMap and FOSS4G since the beginning (How can
it be any good if I don't pay for it). It is good to see ESRI itself is
creating an opening to halt the skepticism.

Don't expect miracles on the short run. ESRI is still a profit-driven
organisation and will try to gain benefit for itself first before becoming
social towards a community of any kind. But It will generate more
understanding with ESRI users worldwide and gives us the chance to draw
their attention and maybe, maybe get them from being supporters of
"ancient-technology-gis" towards neo-geographers. They are the largest
global group that will possibly benefit from open geodata, so they might be
the first of the mainstream herd to adopt.
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