[Osmf-talk] "ArcGIS supports Openstreetmap"

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> Subject: [Osmf-talk] "ArcGIS supports Openstreetmap"
> http://twitter.com/ticheler/status/24179676676
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianturton/4977702526/in/set-72157624925978160/
> If  ESRI are making noise about their support for Openstreetmap;
> should not that  support for Openstreetmap be somewhat direct, e.g. by 
>supporting the foundation,  infrastructure and development  effort?


If they want to make some noise - you don't have to listen.

Look around you.  This community, whether you like it or not is made up of many 
people who either focus their business around OSM, people who are moving in that 
direction or people who would love to have OSM as a major part of their day 
job.  When i look for a job one of the most important (if not the most 
important) factors is how much OSM is involved.  Part of using OSM in your job 
is making profit from your activities - that's basic economics; we all charge 
for something.

As long as ESRI are not going around actively trying to destroy the project 
(which i don't really think they could do anyway), then the old anti-ESRI 
argument is not really worth discussion on this list.


> love,
> jo
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