[Osmf-talk] "ArcGIS supports Openstreetmap"

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Mon Sep 13 08:31:13 UTC 2010

On Monday 13 September 2010 03:30:17 Sam Larsen wrote:
> If what you are trying to say is that you feel uneasy with ESRI services
> consuming large numbers of map tiles - then raise the issue in plain
> english 

Well, I've seen the OSM editor a couple of times and what makes me uneasy is 
the fear of that editor destroying the integrity of the data. Whenever a new 
editor appears in the field, it tends to not be very careful with stuff like 
version collisions or integrity of the relations.

I've seen the ESRI OSM editor crashing on me when downloading two bounding 
boxes one after the other, so I'll say it in plain english: I can't trust 
ESRI OSM editor right now for complex or long edits. The OSM schema is so 
alien to the point-line-area schema that I highly doubt the first iterations 
of the software will work flawlessly.

My other issue, which I raised to Roberto Lucchi (ESRI Geoportal guy) during 
FOSS4G is the issue of deriving content and licensing. Most ESRI users are 
just not aware of the legal implications of tracing over imagery (while we, 
OSMers, are). Tracing over the ESRI-branded base imagery is tempting, but not 
assuredly safe.

I do agree that OSM could use the expertise of more professionals, and tapping 
into the ESRI user base might be a good thing. A cool thing would be 
abstracting the data access layer in order to make it 
geodatabase-independent, but keep all the algorithms working (open source, 
remember?). gvSIG and QGIS, here we go! This would haste the sync problems 

What the ... - I might just go to the spanish ESRI user conf and say just that 

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