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This is my personal view.

I hear ya, my immediate reaction to this idea of the Management Team was similar ... I thought, this is just moving the problem.
BUT we discussed a bit and I realized this was a small and very important step to make.

This structure allows non-Board members to take a more active role in decision making. And it is decision making ...
remember we are able to shape how this works, and of course, having the Board approve every single thing coming
out of the Management Team /is not workable/. The Working Groups do have a fairly good intuitive grasp of this balance

already, make decisions, and when appropriate, they ask for the Board's approval. I'd expect that would need to happen
less often under the Team. And if intuition is not enough (likely not) we can work on codifying this in a policy or Constitution
(which we lack btw).

An Executive Director would be a big big change for the Foundation, that has never had an employee. If it ever began
to make sense (and I have a feeling it will, but couldn't say why or when), then this change in structure easily leads to
that. You have a separation of day to day management from the Board, and the ED would simply begin to head the
management team.

As for focus, mission and vision, I think you're right ... we do need this. OSMF has clear objectives for the
status quo of OSMF, but how do we respond and take up new objectives. One way to approach this is strategic
planning process, which the Board has done in the past, but with a volunteer based, consensus based (some kind of consensus)
organization, everyone is likely to have a different vision. Is it possible to unify these? Desirable? How do we do this?

And for budgets, we designed a budgeting process for Working Groups earlier this year in the Strategic WG,
it's been approved by the Treasurer, and it's now needing implementation. The Management Team is going to 

be in good position to make this happen.


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>I think that the recognition by the board that the status quo is not
>creating the kind of change OSM needs is a positive step forward.
>At the same time, I wonder about this new change and about its
>organizational effect.
>The problem in my view is one of focus and budget.
>The teams don't have a single unifying vision that they're working
>toward, and they don't know what resources are available to them in
>order to accomplish their tasks.
>The result is that the WGs may come to a consensus but that every
>decision must be approved by the board.
>It would seem that a solution to this would be to either give WGs
>budgets with which to work under or to have an Executive Director,
>whose full time job it is to manage the daily operations of the
>organization and who has authorization to allow for actions to be
>taken and the resources to do so if necessary.
>Can you explain to me how adding an additional layer of indirection
>between the WGs and the board will accomplish the task of streamlining
>actions and make OSMF more agile and able to act, either reactively or
>- Serge
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