[Osmf-talk] [OSM-talk] OSMF organizational change: Management Team

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 08:58:21 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 8:17 AM, ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert
Gremmen <g.gremmen at cetest.nl> wrote:

> Let me tell you again, OSM is a crowd based organization. The CORE of it is
> used to make consensus like decisions after extensive discussions on fora and
> mailing lists.  This is what motivates  the real OSM-er, having something to create that
> has been decided upon themselves.
> This is were strategy must be done, and not somewhere in London
> by a team calling themselves "THE BOARD" telling the rest of the OSM there *IS*
> a difference between *us* and *them*.

I think you, like Frederik, have been mixing up the Foundation and the
Project in this discussion. There's no question that OSM is a
crowd-based organisation, and that on almost every topic the decisions
are made by discussions on forums and mailing lists and so on. And in
fact the project can organise itself and all of its sub parts in any
way it sees fit - Hack Weekends, wiki administrators, Mapping parties,
many, many software projects, even conferences are repeatedly
organized independently from the Foundation. That is the joy of the
massive, decentralised, OSM project.

The discussion here is how the Foundation organises itself to do the
things the Foundation does. If you see the Board of the Foundation
somehow having sway over the rest of the project then that's not the
case, and it's sad that you see it that way. The Foundation is a very
small part of OSM, and I don't think it's helpful (and at worst it's
self-fulfilling) to accuse the Foundation of somehow running the


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