[Osmf-talk] Elections: Avoid Mandate Creep

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Wed Aug 31 08:33:39 UTC 2011

> Every successful project has its leader and strategy.

This is not true - there are projects which run fine without single leader. Say China - after Mao there has been faceless Politburo Standing Committee ruling the country, and at least economically they have been very successful. And you know many examples where single leader is more like a problem. Well you mentioned Apple, who struggles now as it has been too much one-man show. 

I understand that you basically movement towards autocracy instead of democracy? I don't think this is really a good idea, even if strong leadership has its advantages.

Frederik stated that OSMF cannot provide any vision to OSM, it even does not have authority to really represent OSM community or project. It may be true, but this brought me question: who should do it then? Do we need separate new body for that? Perhaps not, but it would be great to have some clear understanding how it works then, otherwise some think that OSMF does it, some seek for strong single leader, some want hire professional management or something else. I think that current "do-ocracy" has great advantages (for sure also problems) and we should work to strengthen them, not trying to tear it apart and build something instead of it. At least until it works. Let's just describe it, so also outsiders  understand it, as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Form_of_government does not define do-ocracy. This is one of OSMFs main tasks, in my opinion.


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