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Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Dec 20 11:38:45 UTC 2011

Steve Coast wrote:
> Interesting.
> How did we end up with a power structure or community guideline or
> whatever where secret ballots at the MQ office on whether to put the MQ
> logo on OSM is okay, but open debate over thinking about a logo or design
> is fraught with difficulty, paranoia and clashing opinions on the merits
> of even trying something?
> Perhaps this is where the open part of OSM meets the closed part of
> "someone has to be responsible", however the feeling that there is some
> large double standard here irks me. If I'm missing something please
> explain it, I'm genuinely puzzled on how this works.

"Open" does not mean "every single decision has to be bikeshedded to death
on the lists".

IMO the layer decision is exactly how it _should_ work - in that our
talented people felt empowered, by the community and by the process, to
make the decision.

Step 1: A demonstrable desire by the community to have more tile layers on
Step 2: The talented people on SWG decide on a clear set of tile layer
Step 3: The talented people on OWG take these guidelines and apply them.
...and that's it. The site advances significantly, in a way supported by
the community, and with minimal fuss.

Now there are ways in which this can be improved, principally by enlarging
the pool of talented people, but it's a great general principle.

There are many reasons why this logo thread hasn't worked so smoothly, but
I'd pick out two differences. First, there's not really much community
buy-in for a new logo. Second, even if there were, we're not empowering
our talented people to make a decision: we're just throwing a load of
logos in the air and seeing what lands. And asking a mailing list to make
a design decision is, well, you know the rest.

Incidentally, I believe the OSMF board, management team and working group
dial-ins are still using a facility provided by CloudMade, so if meetings
in the MQ office are wrong then we should probably find another dial-in
provider in case they're bugging our calls. ;) [no, just in case anyone
misreads this, I'm not serious]


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