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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Jul 19 12:17:32 UTC 2011

We had a very similar discussion a week ago here in Switzerland (we are 
in the process of founding a national OSM association). I believe the 
consensus was, more or less, that nobody would have an issue with Google 
joining (google has is largest non-US based site in Z├╝rich so this is 
not totally unlikely).

Membership (expanding this to the OSM-F) in this kind of organisation 
normally doesn't require a complete alignment of goals and purpose (or 
are we Scientology?)  and you will always have participants that may 
just want to know what's going on from an inside pov, and that is quite 


Am 19.07.2011 13:57, schrieb fh.sainct:
> 2) On Henk Hoff question, 'Should there be reasons to deny 
> membership?', and Frederik Ramm initial allusion to a Google guy being 
> elected, I fear that like it or not, this boils down to defining what 
> our competitors are.
> Yes, *competitors*.
> In the private industry where I belong (without any relation to 
> mapping thankfully), strategies are very clear and well defined, and 
> obviously part of them do concern competitors.
> And the objectives about competitors are clear, explicit, and *not* nice.
> There is absolutely no doubt, Google and the other private mappers are 
> actively looking for ways to earn more market share, yes, than OSM. 
> And this including by cloning OSM approaches when useful (see 
> http://brainoff.com/weblog/2011/04/11/1635 in case you didn't know 
> Google is organizing nice mapping parties).
> This is a normal behavior, some would even say healthy.
> Part of this behavior involves 'restituting' competitors strategies.
> To me it is obvious that, if given the possibility, Google et al will 
> definitely step in, whatever the cost --just to know OSM strategy, and 
> clearly with objectives that are not nice. To say the least.
> Now I certainly have been too hot in my text above, but if I managed 
> to have you all thinking about what OSM *competitors* are, I'll be 
> happy already.
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