[Osmf-talk] should OSMF AGM include time for discussion debate?

derrick nehrenberg derricknehrenberg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 18:01:27 UTC 2011

I am a newbie...but that hasn't prevented me from forming some impressions
of SoTM, and particularly the OSMF AGM.

Listserve discussions and debates have their place, but in my opinion its a
poor replacement for face-to-face venues like the AGM.   The AGM is one time
where the most OSMF members are in one room...at least as far as I know.

Given OSMF's budget and revenue potential, it is fairly ridiculous that OSMF
doesn't have paid staff to manage practical things, like planning SoTM for
example.  On the other hand, it also seems feasible that OSM has the
capacity to grow to a point where OSMF 'volunteer' support eventually
becomes irrelevant.

Next year, would it be helpful to use OSMF-talk to distill and communicate a
discussion/debate agenda scheduled for the next AGM?

Open, vigorous debate is the healthiest sign of a thriving democracy.


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