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> Why do you consider it a "problem"? 

Yes, there's probably many reasons why people register. Maybe they are fans, and just want to keep track of what OSM is doing in their area, or are only interested if an event happens. OSM.org doesn't serve them well. If someone registers, it at least signals their interest.

Even putting aside people who register but never edit, we lose way too many people who are active mappers, or have potential. Check out the research I linked to back in this thread.

I've been part of lots of events that introduce people to OSM. Of course, I don't expect everyone to become an active mapper. But there are plenty of people who would be, if it was easier for them to stay involved. 

Our community and communication is too hard for a non-geek to penetrate. More of the social side could flow through osm.org.

It's a problem because 20k is not enough people to map the entire world. Perhaps if they were all very active, and dispersed throughout the entire world. But we're heavily clustered in a few places.

It's only an expected trend we have low expectations, and don't make simple efforts to change it. None of the solutions to this are particularly complicated.
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>> Could you set out what those problems are, and what has been tried to date?
>>I'll start with one, which is retention of new users. While registrations just recently climbed above 700K, active users are roughly 18K/month. Active users have maybe doubled in the past 3 years, while registered users has increased nearly fivefold. We've known about this problem for years, and should have taken steps to increase retention, while we've seen a significant decrease in retention rate.
Why do you consider it a "problem"? 
>I'm not saying that it wouldn't be a good thing to have more active
    experienced mappers, but aren't the numbers simply showing the
    results of our net becoming larger (and by-catch increasing over
    proportionally) due to increase in popularity? In other words: a to
    be expected trend. Compared to Wikipedia (which is probably the only
    benchmark available) we are light years ahead and we are still
    seeing growth.
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