[Osmf-talk] Question to board members

Stefano Fraccaro stefano.fraccaro at libero.it
Fri Aug 24 09:55:13 UTC 2012

Hi Christian

Il 23/08/2012 22:02, Christian Quest ha scritto:
> I agree with Frederik, a real study on motivation around OSM would be
> really useful.
> How/why people discovered OSM ?
> Why do they register ?
> Why so many register without making any contribution ?
> Why many do a few edits and disappear ?
> It is related to the editing tools, the documentation, the community
> management ?
I'm a novice mapper (from April 2012)... I can say that there is a 
documentation and communication problem. I have discovered many wiki 
pages, osm tools (like osm inspector) and documentation (like 
learnosm.org) only thanks to my italian community... but I think that 
people don't want to waste their time searching (basic) documentation: a 
"nice to meet you" message with all links and info can be useful.
First time, it was not clear how to map an object... I have understood 
only later that OSM use key/value pair to store object properties.

> We can talk about it, share our feeling, our thoughts, but nothing
> will replace an in depth study... but it is not that easy to organize
> and get meaningful results.
> The main bias comes from the lack of answers we can expect from the
> less motivated people.
> During the past months I contacted every new contributor that made
> edits in France, to try to get them get in touch with the local
> community we're trying to build. I got around 10% answered which is
> much less than what I expected.
Mapping is a time consuming task... but people understand this point 
only after registration (it's also my case).
An introduction video could be useful to help novice people.

Stefano Fraccaro

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