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Andy Robinson blackadderajr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 10:18:53 UTC 2012

The answer to this type of feedback has all to regularly been "patches/input
welcome". Thus far in 8 years we have not internally found a way of
motivating seasoned volunteers to the project to produce some good novice
information and tools (and I'm not trying to belittle the excellent
volunteer efforts that have been worked on and offered in the past). Yes the
information is there when you know where to look or are pointed in the right
direction but it's not the same as being handheld by a welcoming
introduction to the whole process. Not everyone wants to communicate and
search to find their way in.

Perhaps this is something that would be worth outsourcing. As an experienced
mapper I'm too far removed from someone signing up and taking their first
tentative steps and this will be the case for many of use reading this. The
problem needs to be viewed and solutions found by a new user group and
perhaps an external contractor might be the way forwards for that. Ie paying
(from OSMF funds) for some user interfacing info/video/tools.

Of course as always with engaging a contractor to do something you need
someone else has to write the specification. That might be done internally
through sharing thoughts in our usual manner but it could equally be another
third party using feedback gathered from new sign-ups and first time


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> Hi Christian
> Il 23/08/2012 22:02, Christian Quest ha scritto:
> > I agree with Frederik, a real study on motivation around OSM would be
> > really useful.
> +1
> > How/why people discovered OSM ?
> > Why do they register ?
> > Why so many register without making any contribution ?
> > Why many do a few edits and disappear ?
> > It is related to the editing tools, the documentation, the community
> > management ?
> I'm a novice mapper (from April 2012)... I can say that there is a
> documentation and communication problem. I have discovered many wiki
> pages, osm tools (like osm inspector) and documentation (like
> learnosm.org) only thanks to my italian community... but I think that
> don't want to waste their time searching (basic) documentation: a "nice to
> meet you" message with all links and info can be useful.
> First time, it was not clear how to map an object... I have understood
> later that OSM use key/value pair to store object properties.
> > We can talk about it, share our feeling, our thoughts, but nothing
> > will replace an in depth study... but it is not that easy to organize
> > and get meaningful results.
> +1
> > The main bias comes from the lack of answers we can expect from the
> > less motivated people.
> >
> > During the past months I contacted every new contributor that made
> > edits in France, to try to get them get in touch with the local
> > community we're trying to build. I got around 10% answered which is
> > much less than what I expected.
> Mapping is a time consuming task... but people understand this point only
> after registration (it's also my case).
> An introduction video could be useful to help novice people.
> Stefano Fraccaro
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