[Osmf-talk] OSMF membership applications rejected

Henk Hoff henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Sat Aug 25 14:15:02 UTC 2012

The application of both persons have been rejected. They can apply for
membership again in the future. Looking at their recent behavior I doubt
very strongly that another membership application by them before the AGM
will be accepted.

Without going into detail, the membership application by Edwin-ldbg was
along the line of his manifesto
say that a "serious candidate" would have done a different
application. Nonetheless, I've treated his application serious and handled
it the way I would have done otherwise.

Mike's application was a simple one. However, his application raised some
issues based on his disruptive behavior in the recent past. Adding his
refusal to comply with the Contributor Terms of the project, the Board
concluded to not grant him membership.

Secretary OSM Foundation

2012/8/25 Paul Hartmann <phaaurlt at googlemail.com>
> Is it the Board'd decision that "Edwin-ldbg" and "Mike Dupont" cannot join
> the OSMF for good? Or just long enough that they cannot run?
> Even if both applications are mere trolling, they should be treated, as
> any other serious candidate would have been treated. Please clarify in more
> detail, what this decision is based on.
> Paul
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