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Henk Hoff henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Sat Aug 25 22:18:52 UTC 2012

1) I don't know about the complete history of the OSMF, but there have been
some issues before. Out of the top of my head: In the recent past a
membership has been denied in because the application was by a company, not
an individual person. Also, about a year ago the board has postponed the
acceptance of a group of members.

2) Some applications just attract extra attention. You can compare it with
traveling. Some people are picked out the line at customs for an extra
check. Renewal of membership is different. You are already member.

3) The basis for the refusal of both membership applications is in the
disruptive behavior / intentions by the persons. Edwin-ldbg's application
was a complete joke that any sane person would not take seriously. However,
looking at the circumstances I've treated the application normally. He
literary stated his intentions to be hostile to the Foundation.
Mike Dupont has attracted the attention of the mailinglist moderators in
the past for inflammatory behavior (not only towards the OSMF board). There
is not just one single item that caused the denial of Mike's membership.
It's a series of disruptive or hostile behavior over the recent time.
Also taking into account that neither of them had paid for the membership
themselves, showed their intentions where not sincere.

Different opinions are welcomed; but in a civil, respectful way.

Refusing somebody membership is not an easy decision. Having a policy, like
Frederik suggests, looks like a solution, but is extremely difficult to
make; if not impossible. What are your criteria, and how do you measure
them? This has been discussed about a year ago in the group that was
working on the AoA rewrite. You can only name some vague criteria like
"disruptive, damaging, faul intentions toward the Foundation". But, then
what is the limit? In the end somebody needs to make a decision. That's now
up to the Board.
Extra problem is that disruptiveness most of the time is combined with an
opposite opinion.


2012/8/25 Martijn van Exel <m at rtijn.org>

> Hi,
> I have a few follow-up questions about this board decision:
> * I do not remember having seen any announcement of this kind before on
> this list. Can I infer that this is the first time membership has been
> denied to applicants?
> * Are all applications and membership renewals held to the same level of
> scrutiny? I personally don't remember ever having been asked about
> revealing potential conflicting interests when applying for or renewing my
> membership.
> * It is still not quite clear to me why these individuals were denied OSMF
> membership. For 'Edwin-ldbg' you mention that the application was 'not
> serious' but treated as if it were, and you leave it at that. For 'Mike
> Dupont', you quote recent disruptive behavior and refusal to comply with
> the CT (when it seems that the applicant actually does have an OSM account
> for which he accepted the CT - is this true?), later adding that he is an
> outspoken opponent of board policy. All these arguments seem to me to be
> insufficient to deny someone membership. This leads me to ask what the
> criteria are for denying someone membership, and how those were applied
> here?
> I am not expressing an opinion about whether these individuals should be
> able to become members of OSMF. What I am expressing is some concern with
> the procedure followed, a concern which is in line with what Tobias Knerr
> expressed before me.
> --
> martijn van exel
> http://oegeo.wordpress.com
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