[Osmf-talk] a receding opportunity

Tom MacWright tom at macwright.org
Mon Oct 1 14:02:38 UTC 2012

Thanks Mikel for bringing this up and framing it really well.

I'd like to +1

I have no idea why you think the way you do, or make outrageous
> characterizations of other people's comments. I have no idea why you
> think the way you do, or make outrageous characterizations of other
> people's comments.

To Frederick; his fork in this conversation is flippant and unproductive.
Not responding to any of his arguments here.

We need to be proactive here for the same reason why we need to be
proactive in more and more media releases; the original message 'MapBox
gets half a million to work on OSM infrastructure' gets dumbed down to
'OpenStreetMap's OpenBox gets half a million in funding' by the relentless
game of blogging-telephone.

Apple would be, simply, the largest consumer of OpenStreetMap. This would
matter. Even their 'filling in the spaces' usage of OSM is massive. We
cannot ignore this potential for generating contributors, corrections, and
understanding of where OSM fits into the world. Especially when Apple and
Google are both trumpeting their ability to iterate and improve their maps
quickly - this is where OSM innovated, but most users will start to think
of Google Map Maker if we continue to be silent.

Just look at the 'Google's Maps is Insurmountable' articles that were
published right before the iOS 6 maps hit - they framed Google Maps in
people's eyes and for many convinced them that nobody can make the same
kind of map, since Google has brains and tons of money, and they represent
mapping as a combination of the two. Unless we do a better job of
communicating, this will be the truth for journalists and readers.

On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 9:33 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:

> Am 01.10.2012 15:07, schrieb Robert Kaiser:
> > ....
> > I think it's bad for us that Apple mixed our data with commercial data
> > and violating our license that they don't even link to. If we have any
> > channel to them, we should ask them if there's any way they can
> > correct that by either complying with our license or removing data
> > derived from us. This shouldn't go via the media at first, but via a
> > direct channel to them, if possible.
> > ....
> I believe it is clear that Apple is not violating our current licence
> (yes you can argue the whole day long about if they might be violating
> our previous licence, but that seems to be rather pointless) see 4.5.b
> of the ODbL.
> Simon
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