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The ideas of a code of practice and collective responsibility are very much part of British "thinking".  They go right to the top of our government.  


In this system it is down to our Prime Minister to sack any minister that breaks the Ministerial Code and Parliament can remove the Cabinet by winning a vote of no confidence.   

If you develop a code of practice for the Board, what will happen if a member breaks the code?  Is there any system for the OSMF membership to force the board to resign?  I do think the idea of Collective Responsibility is good one.

I get the impression that the Board is much less formal than this at this moment in time.  Most committees (in the UK) will decide issues of confidentiality and other ground rules when they first meet.  Confidentiality gives you the freedom to discuss matters is an open way.   The minutes form the public record of the discussion and decisions.  Confidentiality doesn't stop you from broadening out discussions to the wider community but this should be a decision you agree on and minute.  Members that feel strongly about particular issues can always aske for their position to be minuted.  

It appears the Board hasn't met physically yet so I would hope that many of these issues will be resolved when it does.

The Board doesn't have an easy task ahead of them and I thank them for their time and efforts in seeking to maintain and develop OSM.

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> On 05.10.2012 15:55, Steve Coast wrote:
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> -1 !
> :-(
> As there are only two new board members and the quoted email only refers 
> to one of this persons I would infer that you address Frederik by that 
> comment. Please correct if this is a wrong understanding.
> Maybe there is a language barrier between Frederik and yourself. But (I 
> think) I very much understand what he writes in the blog that is linked. 
> And he does not at all want to publish all that's discussed while board 
> meeting. He just requests to "be as open as possible". And he request 
> clear rules for the work of the board which I as a comunity and OSMF 
> member would consider to be normal and already in place! If not in place 
> that's a bad thing. He also takes the example of Wikimedia which has a 
> "board with clear rules" which is very much linked to open content: open 
> content and open communication does not object to secret discussions.
> But maybe I understand Frederik easier as I have the same German 
> thinking as Frederik and the British/American thinking/understanding is 
> different. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Best regards,
> Michael.
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