[Osmf-talk] Post-bot redactions finished

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Sep 2 08:30:50 UTC 2012

Hello all,

As of approximately 5:30 PM PDT on Saturday (around midnight UTC) the last
UMP object list finished. This was the result of about a week of a few hours
a day of redaction bot wrangling, many more hours of CPU time of unattended
redactions, and many hours of help from others. It is thanks to the many
people that helped that the total time taken was considerably less than
initially estimated.

The Data Working Group believes that all CC BY-SA related redaction concerns
reported have been investigated and redacted as necessary. There remain some
cases of copying left to be investigated but these are cases unrelated to
the ODbL switch.

If there are additional cases of copy & paste remapping or other new
redaction-related problems they can be dealt with by the takedown procedure.

As a practical matter the best way to supply information about copyright
complaints is a list of changesets.

If anyone who reported a problem believes that parts of it have not been
redacted please contact data at osmfoundation.org with details about where it
has not been redacted, ideally in the form of omitted changesets or specific
versions of objects where infringing data was introduced.

This does not mean that the license has changed. I am not in a position to
comment on any other tasks that need to be completed before a switch to

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group

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