[Osmf-talk] Congratulations

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sun Sep 16 14:48:05 UTC 2012

On 08/09/2012 19:06, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> I understand on the grapevine from SOTM that Henk has been re-elected, and Frederik and Simon have been elected for the first time.
> Congratulations all three. I'm tempted to hyperbole by saying this is the best board we've ever had - but actually, given that we had five really good candidates, I think that would hold true however the result had turned out. (Ok, I'll admit a slight bias. ;) )
> Congratulations especially to Frederik who topped the poll. Looking forward to a really productive year with the new board.
> cheers
> Richard
And while we are on the good manners bit, let us also thank vacating 
members Steve Coast and Mikel Maron, (hey, the license change is over, 
we can all be human beings again). Both have served continuously since 
the very first board meeting in September 2007.

Mikel has made social responsibility an objective from the beginning and 
the results are obvious.

For Steve, well,  I dislike being negative about our community, so let 
me instead tell a little story.  In the UK, it was traditional to use "I 
was here before Kilroy" as graffiti, don't ask me why.  I went to a pub, 
and being a university town, found it was transformed in to poetry.  
"Oh, I could jump for joy, I was here before Kilroy". A week later I 
went back and found, "Wipe that smile off your face, Kilroy built the 
f****g place".  The point being that Steve did build the f****g place 
and deliberately let it evolve into a highly disparate general community 
which grew itself and the map massively.  No need to wipe any smiles 
either, 786,869 registered contributors today. Credit where credit is 
due. Thanks Steve.

Both continue to have a lot to offer. I hope and expect that they will.


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