[Osmf-talk] OSMF Articles of Association - Discussion on Revision for 2013 AGM

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Fri Apr 5 12:24:45 UTC 2013

Simon, to me these look fine; I have no opinion on STV. The one thing I'm unclear on is what it takes for membership resolutions to pass ... majority of those in attendance a General Meeting?
Also, I'm curious to hear what kinds of things might be proposed through membership resolutions.
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>I'm slightly surprised that there is no discussion on points 4 to 6. In
>particular I would have at least thought that some discussion on the
>democratic elements (resolutions from outside of the board) would  take
>place. Can we in that case assume that everybody is fine with the
>proposals as suggested (without any restriction on proposals)?
>Am 19.03.2013 00:35, schrieb Simon Poole:
>> The discussion on points 1-3
>> (http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/2013_OSMF_Articles_of_Association_Update)
>> seems to be exhausted. Besides the clarifications I already built in, I
>> believe the only point to be noted for inclusion was the wish for a
>> grace period wrt paying the annual membership fee. I suspect that that
>> can be added .
>> If nobody wants a straw poll, I would suggest moving to the discussion
>> of points 4 to 6. All three are procedural wrt GMs.
>> Simon
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