[Osmf-talk] Financing the OSMF

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Tue Aug 27 12:34:45 UTC 2013

On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 12:54:04PM +0200, Simon Poole wrote:
> [This is a topic of some personal interest to me and hasn't been
> discussed in depth nor has the discussion of this been sanctioned by the
> board]
> One of the issues that I believe we need to attack is the financing of
> the OSMF. I've mentioned this before in the articles of association
> discussions. Given that we now have 2012 financials as some facts to
> check our assumptions against, I would like to see if there are some
> ideas other than my own (the topic just doesn't seem to interest very
> much) that might be interesting to pursue.

I think in principle, allowing provision for companies to make regular
donation in return for some kind of "memberships" does make sense.

I can see opposition from some parts of the community worried about
influence over the foundation. Therefore, I would suggest that we should
be open about who has contributed (anonymous corporate memberships not
allowed). I also think we should not allow voting, my view is that most
companies that contribute, do so because they want to support the
project not for any other reason.

At the same time; I would like to see the individual membership being
more flexible; reduce the minimum to something like 5 pounds, but also allow larger
donations. I would include some information about where the money goes
and what is needed to keep OSM running, to help people understand why
larger contributions can be helpful. Willing to be bet that this would
probably increase membership numbers and increase the average paid.


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