[Osmf-talk] Automatic membership renewal

Hugo Holscher hugoholscher at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 19:17:38 UTC 2013

Personnally I am not in favor of direct debit. Not sure how it is for most 
of you, but the time consuming thing is to go to the website figure out the 
numbers, cut and paste them. That all could go in the e-mail with renewal 
request. ALso a unique number (like an invoice number) would render the 
additional e-mail unnessary.


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From: Harry Wood
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> Andy wrote:
> As an example, I'm once again faced with a non-trivial amount of

> clicking links and reading websites in order to renew my OSMF
> membership. The email reminder is sitting there unactioned for 24 days
> already. With the way we've set things up, you get kicked out of the
> OSMF every year by default.
> In contrast, I'm a member of two organisations (London Cycling
> Campaign and the British Mountaineering Council) were my membership
> gets renewed automatically and the first I notice is when my fresh
> membership card drops through the letterbox. I bet their retention
> rate is higher than ours!
> I don't see any need to focus on lots of new ways to generate income
> when our current sources are so half-heartedly organised.

OK. Automatic member renewal.
This seems like a concrete suggestion with no downside apart from the 
question of how to set it up.

At the moment I pay my membership fee following the "UK bank transfer" 
I guess in the first instance we could just change those instructions to say 
"Please set up an annual direct debit"? For payments from foreign banks, I'm 
not sure though. And the membership secretary (Henk) would need to adjust 
procedures a little. No need to send a reminder, but would need to check 
that the direct debit has gone through each time. In the long run it would 
probably reduce the amount of nagging emails and other processing needed.


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