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> I plan to buy eBee drone, and I wrote to SenseFly already, asking them for
> price. I can imagine the system is expensive, and they may deal mostly with
> companies and organizations. However, if buying a fleet as an organized
> group, as an organization, the price could be negotiated. Having a fleet
> and an organized group we can start to work on an experimental project of
> creating the new OSM Fleet Aerial Imagery Layer 2014.

I believe their web site mentioned a price of $12,000 US. It does make
mapping some areas much easier than taking gps readings. Building outlines,
roads in gated communities, rivers and streams hard to reach locations are
just some of the thoughts I had about using a drone. What sets SenseFly
apart from others is the automated flight capabilities. As a talk at this
years SOTM-US shows, you can put together a drone much cheaper that can
produce images that can be orthorectified.

In the US, there is uncertainty, Jeff Bezos aside, of the legality of
flying a drone. Rules are due by 2015.


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