[Osmf-talk] How to vote to match your view

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Mon Dec 1 11:05:50 UTC 2014

You are opposing term limits. It's not "this proposal vs. better one",
it's term limits or status quo. You (and the rest of the Board) had a
week to discuss and fix Simon's resolutions, and three weeks to come
with an alternative proposal (and it's the Board who set the deadline).

This behaviour, "do perfectly or do nothing", is what have been
hindering OSM development for past years, and I hope the new Board
would actively oppose that. We are not a multimillion industry that
would lose stocks because of non-perfect actions.

Passing these resolutions is exactly the way to attract more good
people to do things. It's not like Board members who step down
suddenly would lose all will to help OSM because of that.


> Where does it say that I'm opposing term limits? 

> I'm opposing term limits as stipulated in the current resolutions. 
> There are many other ways in how you could introduce term limits. 
> The resolutions are unbalanced proposals. We need to have a
> situation where we can attract good people to do things. Not to shut people out.

> Henk

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Paul Norman [mailto:penorman at mac.com] 

> Term limits have been supported by Richard Weait, Frederik, Martin,
> Marek, Kathleen, Steve Coast, Mikel, Johan, Randy, Ethan, and myself.

> Term limits have been opposed by Oliver, Peter, and Henk.

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