[Osmf-talk] Upcoming Special General Meeting Opinions?

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Dec 1 11:13:29 UTC 2014

Am 01.12.2014 11:30, schrieb Andy Allan:
> Normal Resolution - the call for an election. I'm opposed to this. I
> don't want to see the upheaval of a whole new board and all the loss
> of knowledge and general mucking around that will come with it. I'm
> happy to give our current board a chance, and see how things work now
> that this organisation is awakening from its slumber. And I look
> forward to new faces at the next regular election later in 2015. 

I pointed this out earlier on, but it may have gone forgotten in the
mean time: naturally it would make sense to actually move the "normal"
general meeting with the regular annual items to the spring date if the
3rd resolution is accepted. There would not be a further general meeting
in 2015. This would have a number of advantages even without the
proposed article changes:

- the GM for a specific year is no longer held more that a year after
the end of the relevant business year. making it both more current and
interesting (and less confusing),

- the statuary requirement to provide the members with the annual
financials before the May 31st would be covered,

- the linkage with SOTM would be broken, which while it historically
made sense because there was no way to participate electronically is now
an added burden on the organizers and the board.


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