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2014-12-03 16:29 GMT+01:00 Jaak Laineste (Nutiteq) <jaak at nutiteq.com>:

> Look to some countries where there is no effective term limit and same
> president comes back like Terminator - no organisation wants to be like
> them for sure.

I think you should take that back ;-)

Examples for countries without term limits are the UK, Italy or the
chancellor of Germany (who is the head of government, there is a term limit
for the president in Germany, but he has a mostly representative role and
not so much actual power), and even in the US there are only term limits
for the president, while there aren't for the vice president, the senators,
or the representatives.
There are no term limits for the Italian president of the republic (he's
not head of the government) but the current one (Giorgio Napolitano) is the
first one to serve a second time. He will presumably be 95 years old in the
next elections 2020, so my personal guess is that he will not candidate
himself for a third time ;-) There are also no term limits for the prime
minister of Italy, the actual head of government (it also doesn't seem
necessary, as - with the exception of S. Berlusconi - he changes anyway
almost every year, see here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_Italy ).

Also in Switzerland there are no real term limits, the president is elected
for one year and must stand down in the following elections, but can be
re-elected after the next term. The situation there is a bit different, as
he is neither head of the state nor head of the government (because the
political system of Switzerland doesn't foresee these positions, they are
performed collectively by the Bundesrat (federal council, 7 people):


PS: Feel free to check this list of political term limits to find some
countries which don't seem well organized but do have term limits:
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