[Osmf-talk] Balance of power (was: Re: How to vote to match your view)

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Sat Dec 6 16:37:26 UTC 2014

Hello everyone

On 05/12/14 19:28, Mark Iliffe wrote:
> Has the world gone mad?
I see it like OSM(F) is trying to grow up. I don't know why people
expect everyone to have the same (the right^TM) opinion. We don't. So
yes, this is politics. And especially big ideas (changing the world or
not) need a political process in an existing organisation, because
naturally, not everyone has the same big idea. Or thinks it is
worthwhile to pursue.

I'm rather happy to see a resolution coming from the base. And I hope
more will come when the time is right. Choice is good, it helps finding
a compromise. I think the democratic process, which is running right
now, is worth the trouble, no matter what the result.

Thank you to all the people working for this upcoming vote.


P.S. It's luckily not an option to abolish the democratic process. But
given the many loud mails recently complaining, I felt like supporting it.
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