[Osmf-talk] Fwd: ballot results unofficial

Marc Zoutendijk marczoutendijk at mac.com
Sun Dec 7 17:39:15 UTC 2014

By accident I sent my previous message only to Richard instead of to the list.
He informed me about this mistake and his reply - at least -  made me feel much better.
He allowed me to forward his reply, which I hereby do.


> Hi Marc,
> I think that you sent this to me only, but intended to send it to the
> list?  I do that some times. :-)
> Yes, we OSMF members are a self-selected minority, unified, I hope, in
> our desire to improve OpenStreetMap (and the Foundation) for the
> benefit of all mappers.  I say for mappers, especially, because I see
> them as the critical key to the success of OpenStreetMap.
> 1) make things better for the mappers
> 2) that makes things better for the data,
> 3) that makes things better for the data consumers
> So I hope that we all, in the Foundation are unified in that primary
> goal.  I know that we don't all agree how to best go about it.  And
> you see some of that on these lists.
> You have joined the Foundation.  You have seen some unkind moments
> recently on the list.  You have probably seen the worst of it.
> Please be part of the best of OpenStreetMap and the Foundation.
> Please participate.  Find a Working Group that appeals to you, and
> either help it casually, or join it and help on a regular basis.
> Be concerned.  Discuss.  Have ideas.  Be involved. Help implement
> them.  Participate.
> I appreciate that you have been participating in the discussions.
> Please continue.
> Best regards and happy mapping,
> Richard

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