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Sun Nov 2 11:57:14 UTC 2014

Thanks Simon. I agree with the need for some kind of term limit requirement. I think our governance could also benefit from better specification of when Board members are up for re-election. Right now, I believe the requirement is 1/3 of the Board each year. This has led to confusion about who and how many exactly need to go for election. To simplify this, a suggestion for consideration: a single term of a Board member seat be 2 years, and that each year, either 3 or 4 seats be up for re-election.

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On Sunday, November 2, 2014 6:22 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:

>Given that the board has not responded to the calls for a reboot and the
>introduction of term limits, I have drafted a request for a general
>meeting to introduce term limits here:
>I have not added a call for a complete reboot to the request, since that
>will only complicate matters further and, if accepted, the resolutions
>as they stand will provide for enough new faces on the board in my opinion.
>It is my expectation that we will finalize the text within 48 hours and
>then solicit supporters with the goal of presenting the request to the
>board by Sunday November the 9th.
>If the moderators of this list consider the topic inappropriate I would
>suggest moving the discussion of specifics to the "General Chat" on the
>OSM forum.
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