[Osmf-talk] Personal thought regarding the current board situation and AGM/election

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 05:55:52 UTC 2014

Michael wrote

"But we are even more worse with turn restrictions"

Hi Michael,

I got into OSM mapping absolutely due to two incidents with turn
restrictions in commercial mapping.

1) In the Del Monte forest - Monterey, (on my way to play a round of golf)
I took a wrong turn and then the sat nav told me (8 times in a row) to turn
the wrong way up a one way street. I turned it off and navigated by the sun
and just made my tee time.

2) In Queensland, Australia on a golf tour bus, the driver admitted he
didn't know how to get to the hotel and (since I had sat nav going) told
him, just go to the end of the road and turn right. Needless to say there
was a no right turn sign there. The bus driver just had to ignore the sign
and turn right anyway (nearly taking out the sign) and I felt very bad
because of the poor data.

In Australia the OSM data is *far* superior to commercial mapping, in terms
of turn restrictions but unfortunately this doesn't help anybody because it
can't be successfully used in any gps unit since address searching doesn't
Until address info is captured then OSM (IMHO) remains generally irrelevant
to the average person.

It's a real shame that issues of who gets to be on the OSMF board is
overshadowing the real issue of where OSM is (or is not) heading.
It's great that OSM is very useful for HOT and other consumers, but if it
is not useful for 99% of potential users then it really has missed the
boat. ( I just made up the 99% bit but wouldn't be surprised if it was not
too far off the mark).

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