[Osmf-talk] A little frustrated

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Thu Nov 6 06:35:33 UTC 2014

Hi! It just hit me, that I am very frustrated with this list and OSMF in 
general. Not because of Steve and the response to his nomination (though 
why haven't the Board stepped down yet?), but for answers to my recent 
mail, "Some ideas". I listed 10 concrete ideas (some of which were 
brewing since 2013), most with clear goals and measureable results. What 
was the response?

Two answers with "do it yourself, you lazy twat" by long-standing 
members whose work I really like. And that's all — no "+1"s in private 
mail, no mentions by the Board members or candidates, which manifestos 
contain mostly reactive bullshit like diversity, transparency and 
publicity. I don't understand why. That is, I can understand, but that 
would mean leaving OSMF.

I remember Strategic Working Group, whose task was to plan the future of 
OpenStreetMap. While it produced some interesting wiki pages like 
"Future", in the end the members become frustrated and started writing 
software themselves. It was very sad. I proposed actions that are 
actually in the Board's power to accomplish — most of them by splitting 
the work between working groups, writing some texts or using data they 
already have. And now it looks that while we can't write big and useful 
software ourselves, we also won't do anything non-programming related to 
improve OpenStreetMap for its committed members.

There are no replies needed. The best response would be seeing at least 
one of those ideas in the work.


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