[Osmf-talk] OSMF Members Request for a General Meeting

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Wed Nov 12 03:18:15 UTC 2014

In this email I'm going to ignore the fact that our annual meetings have 
shifted to different dates within the year.

On 11/11/2014 4:35 PM, Mikel Maron wrote:
> It would be good to see how the proposed resolutions would affect all 
> current Board members, and those that have recently stepped down.
> Some things are unclear. For instance, if a Board member serves less 
> than 4 years, then steps down from the Board, how is the term limit 
> calculating if they run again?
If SR1 passes and SR2 does not pass, they have a total term limit of 4 
years - some of which will have already accumulated.

If SR2 passes and they have not served as a director for at least as 
long as they had served, it is as if they had not served in the past for 
the purpose of term limits.
> To be clear, I'm against this request for a General Meeting, and will 
> vote against all resolutions should they come up for a vote. It's not 
> that I disagree with some of the ideas here. I do think there should 
> be term limits. However, this doesn't accomplish much in terms of 
> correcting OSMF governance issues.

There are two General Meetings under discussion. One is the one 
happening soon, as required by the members resolution Simon has 
assembled. If we hold this or not isn't something really worth 
discussing - the Companies Act requires it be held within 14 to 49 days 
of when the resolution is turned in to the board.

There is no election at this meeting, just voting on the two special 
resolutions that implement term limits and allow them to reset after 
time not serving as a director, and the ordinary resolution calling for 
a GM with an election in 45 to 90 days after the upcoming GM.

Why are you against the special resolutions? All they do is implement 
term limits, which you support, and they do not change the makeup of the 
current board this term.

The ordinary resolution to have an election is a different matter - I 
can see not supporting even if you do support term limits. I can also 
see supporting it, but not the term limits.
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