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Wed Nov 12 22:09:30 UTC 2014

I don't know which thread it was, but I thought Frederik had written that
it is confusing to have the same person in both the board and a working
group. Possibly Simon also refers to the same. The advantage of splitting
tasks (no board member in a working group) is that board members can focus
on strategic tasks, whereas working groups are, as it's in their name,
operational. Second advantage is that this segregation of duties will lead
to less misunderstandings of what role a person is in.  A third advantage
is that it will cost board members less time. And a fourth is that it will
create a split between suggestion for a policy and decision making on a
policy. The LWG is a nice example for this.

A disadvantage could be that the distance between the board and the working
groups increases. That can be solved by eliminating the intermediate layer,
the management team. Thus the OSMF membership gives a mandate to the
board, the board directly gives mandates to working groups, whereas working
groups have to report back to the board and the board reports back to the
OSMF membership which is in charge of the strategic direction and
operational tasks of OSMF.

Other opinions?

Cheers, Johan

Op woensdag 12 november 2014 heeft Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> het
volgende geschreven:

> Hi Johan,
> I think that seven might be too small currently, but just right in the
> future.  I've never been a board member, but have volunteered for
> several OSMF Working Groups in the past.  In those roles, I was
> present for WG meetings with various board members.
> If I remember correctly, the plan was for each Working Group to have a
> Chair, and a board member, in addition to the WG volunteers. The Chair
> and board member were sometimes the same person.  Each working group
> was also to have a representative on the Management Team to help
> co-ordinate between working groups and the board.
> So, the frequent tasks for a board member might look like:
> - board meetings
> - tasks for the board work
> - WG meeting
> - WG tasks
> - MT Meetings
> That's without considering any special projects.  The burden on board
> members increased when they served on more Working Groups, and again,
> iirc, several board members have served  on multiple WGs.  Having
> fewer board members would increase that WG burden for each of them.
> Best regards and happy mapping,
> Richard
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