[Osmf-talk] OSMF now also part of the OSM-forum

Marc Zoutendijk marczoutendijk at mac.com
Tue Nov 18 19:06:21 UTC 2014

Op 18 nov. 2014, om 18:36 heeft Michael Kugelmann <MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de> het volgende geschreven:

> Am 18.11.2014 16:43, schrieb Marc Zoutendijk:
>> The forum is - by nature - a bit more easier in its use than a mailinglist and doesn't fill up you mailbox.
> frankly said: I don't like forums for discussions! For me a mailing list is the far better way as they provide chaining of comments, read/no-read information, etc.
> Just my 2 cents,
> Michael.

Please read this:


to understand that Simon Poole requested a section on the OSM forum.
From that you can also learn that Lambertus did not react to Simon’s request because he missed it and only because I asked about it again, the forum started its existence today.

I support such a forum because I think it is a shame that out of 500.000+ mappers only 500+ people are willing to join the OSMF, and that is mainly because almost NO ONE in the world does know what OSMF is doing or is trying to do. 

Therefore I welcome every way to improve communication and information between OSMF members and non OSMF members in order to get more members.

And speaking about mailing lists: I became  a member only this year and never received ANY serious message through the mailing list before it exploded because of board vs. osmf members discussions two months ago as we all are very well aware of. When I became a member I expected to be part of a huge and inspiring group. How wrong can one be...

So please accept this as it is: a means for non OSMF members to get informed and (possibly) involved in the development of a better OSM and OSMF.


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