[Osmf-talk] seat rotation

Ed Loach edloach at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 14:19:52 UTC 2014

> In past, the seat has remained vacant until the next election, and
> was
> then filled.  That has happened several times, iirc.
> I would expect, with seat rotation, a replacement, if any, would sit
> until the seat expired, regardless of the length of their 'personal'
> term.  It's decided by the "seat" or "group".
> I don't expect this to be fixed, or even adequately discussed (!), in
> the next few weeks.  I wanted to track this in a distinct thread.

I'm a member of a group which has a board of 9. The intention was that 3 stood down each year, after 3 year terms, and that the number of board members was odd so as not to need a casting vote. This of course failed to allow for abstentions, and that some board members would leave before their 3 year term was up.

In this group's case if a board member left before their term was complete the remaining board had the option of co-opting until the next election when the co-optee would stand down as well as the board members already due to stand down. After the election the 3 candidates with the most votes got the three year terms and the candidate with the 4th most votes got the short term. Which is fine when they had more candidates for election than vacancies, but if an election wasn't needed as they had the exact number of candidates then they resorted to drawing straws to see who got the short term. And if there weren't enough candidates then that then left a vacancy the board could fill by co-option until the following year.


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