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Andy - fair question.

The answer is something I've been struggling with because it's the same answer to the email Martijn just sent. I'm struggling because I think we need transparency on what the board has been like these last few years without pointing fingers. And it's hard to do that.

For most of the calls I was on I was passive. It's important that I provide advice if needed but let the board work out on it's own too. I've always felt that OSM needed to be bigger than just me, which is why we had a board in the first place.

I stopped attending the board meetings a while ago when the shouting matches started and a board member was told that if he continued talking he'd be cut off from the call.

This isn't a board with a good set of relationships. Everybody in general has different ways of communicating, and that's a natural thing. There are board members that are great at writing long emails and those that are great in person talking, but they aren't great right now at each others ways of communicating.

The membership list issue isn't really about having universal access, it's about who's in control and it's about whether there is any trust between the board members.

This is why I wanted the board to meet face to face and spend more time getting to know each other, so the communication would be better. Those in control of the board don't want to meet in person. They don't want the board to run SOTM. And it turns out the person responsible for SotM and the members list is the same person, so they got the brunt of all of this.

So to directly answer your question, I don't think I have any voice on the board right now and I think others feel the same. On the other hand a number of outstanding paperwork issues have been resolved. This is a good thing, but it's been at a large cost. Also I can't vote.

I think there is blame to go around but it's not really how Fred characterizes it in his manifesto. Also I'd rather focus on how to be better next time than who to blame for last time.

Lastly, in the distant past I've been fairly passionate too and I've burned bridges with people on the board. Usually it was because we had 6 people find consensus but 1 person disagreed strongly. It is difficult to make a decision and move on in those situations and someone has to be the bad guy. I've mishandled it in the past and regret a lot of it. But the board today isn't like that. It's more like 2 vs 2 with 3 abstainers and no effort to build communication, trust and friendliness.


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> I left a few years ago because I thought I was part of the problem and was
> holding things back. It doesn't look like that was entirely the case. Since
> approximately then I've got married and had kids and see things in a
> different light.

Hi Steve,

Great to see your renewed interest in OSMF, and I hope indeed that you
can push things forward.

As Chairman Emeritus, you're almost on the Board already. As far as I
understand you can participate in all discussions and attend all the
Board meetings, with (I think) only voting on formal resolutions being
unavailable to you. I would hope the formal votes - and tied votes
where your missing vote would be noticed - are reasonably rare events!

Given that, I'm concerned that if you stand, that uses up one of the
two openings this year, which greatly reduces the opportunity for
change by election of new faces. Would it not be better to leave the
two spaces open for other candidates, while renewing your
contributions to the board as Chairman Emeritus instead?

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