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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 00:05:01 UTC 2014

Fredrik wrote

"Mappers are first an foremost motivated by the use that they themselves
see in OSM."

I agree completely.

I started mapping very much because commercial sat navs were incomplete and
inaccurate. I wanted to use an OSM map in my sat nav but have never yet
been able to mainly because I can't search for an address.

OSM maps are useful for me in mountain biking where I have mapped all the
single track out, but I believe that the major use for OSM will still be in
sat navs for motorists and pedestrians where finding a particular address
is a vital function.

How we achieve this addressing is hugely difficult. It is not pleasurable
or safe to go around peering in people's letter boxes or front doors.
Interpolation is (IMHO) not accurate enough for a "best of breed" solution.

There are many official sources of cadastral data that could be imported to
make OSM as good as google maps bing etc in terms of addressing but in the
long term we have to find a way to get every address surveyed (and
rechecked every year).

Effectively, we need one (part time) OSM mapper in each street and in each
building on the planet. An "adopt a road" type of thing.

In conclusion - we certainly don't want to "force" current mappers to go
out walking the streets to grab address data but my opinion is that
addressing should very much be a priority (along with fixing or deleting
all the crazy unedited TIGER data).

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