[Osmf-talk] Handling OSMF finances going forward

Holger Schöner numenor at ancalime.de
Thu Oct 30 21:56:38 UTC 2014

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On 30.10.2014, at 21:11 Peter Barth wrote:
> So, let's not confuse calls for transparency with suspicion of 
> wrongdoing. Transparency should simply be the default, even if the
> persons acting are entirely trustworthy.

I would like to second that!

Remembering the election of the board two years ago, transparency was
an issue important at least to a large portion of voters. It would be
consequential to acknowledge that in the board at least in principle
(however details might then work out in practice).

Furthermore, to allow OSMF to take on new challenges and growth, I
also see transparency as one of the prerequisites. Of course, it
should not be the ultimate and only goal. Visions and goals are
important and necessary, but so is transparency. I wish it would just
be complementary in the board ...

Thank you to all board members working into the direction of
transparency in the past, and also thank you to all board members
pursuing the general success of OSM and making OSM (and OSMF) ready
for the future! I appreciate the energy invested by every one of you.

Regards, Holger

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