[Osmf-talk] Next board meeting agenda, last meeting minutes, other minute updates

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu May 21 19:37:21 UTC 2015


Paul Norman schrieb:
> Next board meeting agenda: 
> http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2015-05-09

I know I'm too late for that one but may I make a suggestion for a 
potential topic for the next meetings?

It would be great if the meetings would be public and everybody would be
allowed to participate and listen. As you're using mumble anyway it
would be easy to do that permission wise. And for non-public topics you
could simply add a closed session afterwards. 

I'm seeing two potential benefits: 
1. It might increase the interest in OSMF, in the board's work and more 
generally in (political) work of OSM. 

2. You might get valuable input from listeners. Depending on the topic 
currently discussed you might ask the listeners to comment if they want
to say something.

Please consider talking about that at your next meeting. I decided to 
ask for this publicly so others can comment, too, to my idea.


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