[Osmf-talk] Tasking manager

Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Mon Nov 30 10:47:25 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Have you noticed the HOT tasking manager is now the OSM tasking manager?
This is quite normal as the TM has for long proved to be a super asset
to the OSM community as a whole, and has its place in the OSM commons.

At the same time there is a call to donate on the TM page. Do you donate
to OSM?
No you donate to HOT. I see an issue there. Unless HOT is OSM?

And do you now that at the same time the HOT TM changed its name to OSM
TM, mechanisms were put in action to increase HOT's control on the TM?
HOT controls the TM. If you want to set up a task you need to get a
certification delivered by HOT, and HOT alone. This certification can be
obtained following a dedicated HOT training program. Training is good,
this is not the point. The fact that HOT has power to decide who can
post a task and who can't is a problem.

Calling it OSM TM and in the same time trying to substantially increase
HOT's presence on OSMF board: I wish it was just a coincidence.
Unless HOT means OSM?

I suggest that OSMF takes charge of the TM for the Tasking Manager to
genuinely become the OSM Tasking Manager.

As for HOT getting disproportionate influence over OSMF (or not), it's
our responsibility to vote accordingly.



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