[Osmf-talk] balancing the presence.... (short)

Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Mon Nov 30 10:59:30 UTC 2015

Hi all,

below is an excerpt from my answer to an e-mail exchange on the hot
membership list. The whole story is being moderated since it's a bit too
long, but here's what I wish to express (primarily addressed to Blake
Girardot, but I think it is pertinent for everyone taking the issue of
OSMF independence seriously).


My time is limited by other issues, and whatever I'll write on the HOT
membership list I can be certain it will result in time wasted: need to
re-re-justify everything that was said a number of times, sincere
incomprehension from fresh Hotties (who still believe the tales they
were pulled into HOT US inc. with), and if not sufficient to silent
dissidents, orchestrated lies and defamation, the kind used on Nico,
Pierre, Sev or others.

For all these reasons I unfortunately consider I have no grip on the way
things are run in HOT US inc., but what I still can do is make sure what
we lost in HOT US inc., which is core to the OSM odyssey, does not get
lost in OSM too because of an overflowing ambition from those who have
already damaged HOT, making it a proper HOT US inc.

>From now on I will express my views on OSM lists, esp. talk-OSMF, as I
consider it is of utmost importance to safeguard OSM as it is: open,
inclusive, horizontal, collaborative, convivial... What HOT US inc. is not.

HOT was (and still is) a good idea: an Humanitarian ethos combined to
the values of OpenStreetMap.

But what we ended up with is HOT US inc., a proper corporation
(corporation = a form of BUSINESS organisation), which exploits (as is
normal in a corp.) the humanitarian field and OSM (commons and
community) for the prime benefit of those who control it (as is normal
for a corp.).

The "not for profit" mention doesn't change anything as in this context
"profit" just means financial benefits. But there are obviously other
kinds of profits (influence, soft power, etc.) HOT's board majority are
eager to maximise by taking control of OSM.

We are exactly in this configuration, despite attempts to disseminate
the idea that HOT and HOT US inc. are exactly the same thing, and that
"inc." is just here for administrative convenience.



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