[Osmf-talk] HOT discontent - what can we learn?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Nov 30 18:41:01 UTC 2015


   I must admit (as a non-Hottie) that the recent messages here were a
bit too detailed for me to digest. I am pretty sure HOT have their fair
number of skeletons in the cupboard, as will any organisation of a given
age and size, and I can't be bothered to retrace years of discussions in
the organisation. I also know that wherever people do something
together, there will be discontent, and the fact that there is
discontent doesn't necessarily mean that something has been done wrong.

(I do sense a rather authoritarian attempt at getting rid of critical
voices. Sometimes it is not the presence of discontent, but how it is
handled that tells you something about an organisation. But then again
some critical voices can be so unreasonable that kicking them out is the
only feasible option. I simply lack the HOT insight to judge.)

This is not a list to debate the shortcomings of HOT (unless they were
so grave that we must stop them from using our name and database). This
is a list about the OSM Foundation.

What I can clearly see and what is relevant for us on this list:

* Some people are very unhappy with how HOT is being run;
* some people with a HOT background are standing for OSMF board.

So I would like to know from those who are unhappy with how HOT is being
run: What are dangers do you see for OSMF? In your eyes, what are the
strategic steps that the HOT organisation has taken and that you feel
OSMF should not take because it would be detrimental?

I'm trying to get away from "do not vote for X because they are with
HOT" here. Skeletons in the closet or not, it is always interesting to
learn from others how they solved certain issues in another
organisation. It'd like to hear from those who are dissatisfied with HOT
(or disenfranchised?) - what should OSMF *not* learn from HOT?


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