[Osmf-talk] Transparency topics

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 21:21:26 UTC 2016

Some items on transparency  were raised on another thread.

> - none of the board meetings since then have been public.
No but I want to discuss organizing an open meeting soon.
> - compared to last year board meeting protocols have been slow to appear 
By protocol do you mean agenda and minutes? I am not sure how we compare with last year, but do think this should be fast and clear and we have ideas for improving this.
> - the membership statistics have not been updated since December.
We lost a board member focused on this. Paul recently asked for help from interested members on list for admin of membership. This would be a great contribution.
> - the matter of recording individual board member votes has not been revisited since 2015-06-15.
This has been discussed but come to no conclusion yet.
> - as far as i can see there has been next to no public communications on  ongoing processes and discussions within the board, like the corporate membership program.

There may be more soon on corporate membership. I do think communications can improve, and we have ideas to address that. If you have more questions or ideas on improving transparency, please share on this thread, or better yet, find a way to contribute and help OSMF do better.
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