[Osmf-talk] Draft New Corporate Membership Tiers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 27 20:09:20 UTC 2016


On 04/27/2016 09:28 PM, Christoph Hormann wrote:
>> Calls with board members: This is intended to help people internally
>> "sell" the corporate membership within their organizations.
> And what is the selling point here if not the implied influence on OSMF 
> politics?

It's not our fault if businesses think they could influence OSM politics ;)

> Because it is not necessarily in the interest of the OSM community.

Frankly, I find a clear membership scheme by far the best option - at
least it creates a level playing field for organisations, and everyone
knows who the corporate members are.

Alternatives to this include (a) backroom deals with hand-picked large
sponsors, or (b) the annual "personal appeal from <random person>"
plastered across our web site for a few weeks to raise money, or (c)
significantly increasing the membership fee.

Simply doing nothing is not an option if we want to be financially
stable. We had the luxury of some income through SotM in the past but
those times are very likely over (fingers crossed for this year) - SotM
now competes with events outside of our control in other parts of the
world, events that don't bring any money for us.

I think that attracting a large number of corporate members is a very
good way forward. If at all possible, I'd like to avoid taking money
from those who already are the lifeblood of our project, the individual
mappers; I'd like to ask those who make (or save) money through OSM to
contribute a little back. If we can entice them to give a little more by
promising to have a chat with them occasionally - and if that means we
have to worry less about where our money comes from in the future then
for me it is certainly worth it.


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