[Osmf-talk] Corporate Membership - Final draft, please review

Martijn van Exel martijn at osmfoundation.org
Wed Aug 24 20:56:54 UTC 2016

Hi OSMF members, 

After taking in the feedback from the previous draft and more discussion
in the July and August board meetings, we have brought the Corporate
Membership tiers document to a final draft stage. I updated the
piratepad to reflect the latest version, see

Significant changes are:
* Removed the 'call with board members'.
* Removed anything related to business conference.
* Streamlined the access to SOTM sponsorship opportunities

However, I invite you to please review the entire draft for yourself.
Please share your comments no later than August 31. By that time we will
bring the document to a vote in the board and, if successful, publish it
on the OSMF wiki. 

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,
  Martijn van Exel
  martijn at osmfoundation.org

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