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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 1 23:05:00 UTC 2016


On 07/01/2016 10:44 PM, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> I think an entry level of about EUR 500 could work nicely but i also 
> think EUR 1500 would be fine if it is clearly communicated that this is 
> a program for larger companies and organizations and that there are 
> specific other opportunities for smaller companies to articulate their 
> appreciation and support.

I'd certainly love to tap into any "long tail" there may be. If we get
EUR 20k a year from one Platinum member then that helps a lot but
getting the same EUR 20k from 40 entry-level members means less
exposure; their combined influence on OSMF would probably be less than
that of one single large donor.

>>> I know this is called "Corporate Membership" so formally it simply
>>> won't apply to most of the companies i have in mind here but since
>>> there is no separate membership program for small and medium
>>> enterprises that are not corporations i think this is still a valid
>>> concern.
>> What do you think would be a better word to describe this than
>> 'corporate'?
> If you want to include companies that are not juridical persons you'd 
> need a different term - 'company', 'business' or 'enterprise' comes to 
> mind.  But that would not include public institutions which might be 
> candidates for this kind of program as well.

I've heard the term "institutional membership" but it has more syllables
than is convenient, and personally I always avoid the term because I've
heard "institutionalized" be used as "locked up in a psychiatric
hospital" ;) perhaps we could officially call the beast "Corporate and
institutional membership", and then in everyday speech shorten to
"corporate membership". -- Still possible that some smaller businesses
feel left out (are you a "corporation" as soon as you are
"incorporated"?). Perhaps a "business and institutional membership"? But
then where does someone like HOT fit in - they're certainly incorporated
but are they a business? An institution?

Perhaps "Organizational membership"?

Or we go drop the corporate/business/... altogether and we say:

* Individual membership £15 - only available to natural persons.
* Associate membership £15 - also natural persons only.
* Bronze membership £1000 (or whatever) - only for businesses and
* Silver ...
* Gold ...


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