[Osmf-talk] Candidacy: OSMF Board

Christian Rogel christian.rogel at club-internet.fr
Sat Dec 2 16:01:27 UTC 2017

Dear all,

It would be strange that a CoC would be adopted by us pretexting some negative event may have occurred.

Severin Menard’s first critics against Heather’s candidacy are not disrespectful, being focussed on verifiable public actions. And the tone was tense, but polite.
Acting publicly exposes automaticaly to receive public critics on one’s general public behaviour. that is not bullying, but, democracy.
One has to regret the length of the text, but others members fall into this annoying mistake.

Two main points were rightfully raised :
Why (is Heather) willing so much to join the board of a community of doers without being a doer .... within this community ?
How it could reasonable having so much members of one specific organization in our board, as friendly and efficient it could be ?
Good questions to be proposed and they must not be derailed by a non-being CoC I am not sure we need of.

Disclaimer : I did not heard of Heather before this discussion and I only met Severin in SotM conferences.

Christian Rogel
OSM : ChRogel
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