[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should Adopt a Code of Conduct

Ben Abelshausen ben.abelshausen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 20:16:39 UTC 2017


For me the code of conduct is just set of guidelines, not rules, we as a
community try to live by related to how we treat each other. It's more of a
'declaration of intent' that we all agree upon, something we can point to
when things start to get out of hand. Everyone makes mistakes and that
should be reflected in how we handle people not following the code we agree

For me enforcement is secondary to the 'declaration of intent' every member
makes towards his/her fellow members. In other words, it's better to
convince everyone to follow the code then to try and enforce it.

On the freedom of speech issue:

I haven't come across a point that I couldn't express in a respectful way,
even when there is something difficult to say. Language is an issue yes,
perhaps we should think about the language issue some more but it shouldn't
be an excuse.

I find this relevant in the discussion:

Now I do make the admission that for somebody that has never been involved
> in OSM in an active way before, being dropped on to this mailing list has
> to be bewildering, which goes for any mailing list in times of high
> traffic, but to turn it in to an essentially moderated list on which you
> don't dare raise issues or say your mind because you might frighten
> somebody away that doesn't have the context of the discussion yet, cannot
> be the solution. Maybe we should simply revive osmf-announce and not
> automatically subscribe everybody to this list, though I'm sure that will
> simply result in people complaining that they are being cut out of
> important discussions.

I disagree with this because I read this as 'if you can't handle it, leave'
(or don't join) this list, it places all responsibility with those joining,
that's exactly the opposite of what we should do. Those causing people to
leave should look at themselves and try and figure out how to do better or
leave themselves.

And again, we can discuss anything we want related to OSMF even with a code
of conduct, even the issues of the past days, I don't see why not. Unless
we write a bad code or enforce it incorrectly, but let's not do that.

There is no perfect solution, one persons freedom ends where another
persons freedom begins. In a perfect world we wouldn't need a code of
conduct but I think *with* a code of conduct, one we can agree upon
together and enforce together in the extremely rare cases it's needed, we
will have more discussions and more diverse points of view then we have
now. We won't scare people away and we won't have to hesitate inviting
someone to become a member or warn them (as I always do).

I'm always very stressed to send something to this list and I know others
are too. We should fix that, I consider myself very experienced in the OSMF
and someone with a healthy dose of confidence and if I'm stressed posting
to this list I can't imagine what others are feeling. Just to say, it's not
just new people having issues.

If our answer continues to be 'get over it' or it's the fault of those that
can't handle it, then I'm not sure how to continue. Some people have
already left or stopped reading the list but it's not too late.

I used to be against adopting a code of conduct because of all the same
reasons posted but I have come to see that some of those reasons don't make
sense. Also what's the alternative?

I support Clifford's initiative, will vote for anyone that supports a code
of conduct and I think the board should support this initiative too. Let's
do this and make sure we get it right.

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