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john whelan jwhelan0112 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 14:31:24 UTC 2017

I used to work an Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and one of the
problems it had was finding who to talk to with the bands.  They don't have
a leader as such.  One of them described how they worked to me as saying if
we are going hunting then the best hunter directs, if finding then the best
fisherman.  For talking to the white men the one with the best forked

It's an interesting style of leadership that has been used by the military
special forces.  It works very well in the field but was a bit awkward when
not in combat.

My personal view is there is now a negative reaction when the word
leadership is used and it has come to mean a variety of things.

I think what I'd like from the board is some leadership by example, and
identifying problem areas and tackling some of these as we grow which I
think the present board is doing not too bad a job at.  In Simon's words
supporting the contributors and improving the infrastructure for us.

Cheerio John

On 5 December 2017 at 05:41, Christine Karch <christine at hermione.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope the OSMF board members see their work at the board as a kind of
> service for the community. There is a lot of work to do. I don't wish or
> need any kind of leadership from the OSMF board.
> Best regards,
> Christine
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