[Osmf-talk] recent DWG survey (was: Surveys)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Dec 6 15:13:29 UTC 2017


On 06.12.2017 15:12, Blake Girardot wrote:
> Heh, I wish you had expressed that opinion more strongly before the
> DWG top-down control over mapping focused survey was sent out :)

You can be thankful that this list is not governed by a code of conduct
that prohibits you from hurting other persons' feelings needlessly
because that's what you've been doing here plain and simple, and on

What you said above definitely hurts the feelings of a few people, me
included, who spent a lot of time designing the survey that you chose to
ridicule. I think you're also disrespecting the majority of participants
in the survey by alleging that, rather than being part of a process
where the community decides on a policy (bottom-up), they are somehow
pawns in some scheme where the leaders decide on a policy and make them
swallow that (top-down).

Survey participants have clearly expressed a desire for having a policy
that governs all organised editing. DWG has published a draft, and is
accepting feedback, including your feedback if you want to offer some
that goes beyond spite and ridicule. What is needed here is not "this
should all have been done differently", but "this causes the following
concrete problem and I suggest to make this change to avoid that".

Trying to sabotage the process by bad-mouthing the DWG's good work will
not help anyone.


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