[Osmf-talk] Good Luck to all OSMF Candidates

Douglas Ssebaggala erunayo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 17:12:16 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Despite all the exchanges and differences that have been and are moving
around the list, i would like to wish all the candidates the best from the
voting results.

I hope we accept results and move on amicably.

When OSM Uganda <https://twitter.com/mapuganda?lang=en> hosted the SOTMA
<https://twitter.com/osmafrica?lang=en> conference in July 2017, i was
closely looking on from the back, but there was great support from one of
the OSMF members (Mikel) in organising this conference, as well as
attendance from a former OSMF member Henk Hoff, and perhaps very many other
OSMF members whom i might have left out.

It was also great to have Severin make a presentation, together with other
HOT members who presented during the conference, and if Severin, Nicholas
or anyone else stood for OSMF, am sure it would be unfair not to vote for

Bottom line/wish is to have a united foundation working together with
different organisations for the best of the OSM project. Whether there were
wrongs and mistakes in the past, they should be put behind and we move on.

I was an OSMF member in 2014-2015 and such wonderful discussions on the
list, then gave it a break in 2015 - 2016 to wait for results/action from
these, and now am back in 2017 but still the exchanges are continuing.

Let me get back to more silence as i wait for actionable next steps.

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